Wood Hoops

AYOTTE’s unique wood hoops are what we’re known for! Wood hoops accentuate the sound quality and add to the aesthetics of all AYOTTE drums. Similar to our Custom line of drums, and offered standard with them, wood hoops have limitless finish options and provide for more stable tuning.
AYOTTE wood hoops are made from the same eastern sugar hardened maple that all of our drums are made from, so you know they’re made to last! To add to the structural integrity of all wood hoops, we make sure that all end grains run vertical so as to resist deforming and buckling under pressure.
All batter side hoops have recesses, to ensure that stainless steel claws lay flush, and a 10-degree bevel, to spread out any impact the wood hoop is faced with. That means your sticks and wood hoops last, and you don’t miss a beat! Resonant side hoops are made without recesses so you can place them on the floor during set-up and tear down without fear of damaging your exquisite finish.

Inlay & Finishes

An inlay is a recessed portion of in the center of a standard profile wood hoop, approximately 1/2" in height, which is a different colour than the other 2 portions of the hoop. This can add dramatic, jaw-dropping flare or a sense of class to any drum set! Ayotte wood hoops go through 9 more production processes than any Ayotte drum. The finishing process follows along similar lines as Custom drums, but involves a larger element of handcrafting, especially if an inlay is made. As with the Custom drums, the finish options are only bound by your imagination. Colours are available in satin, gloss, sparkle, and fade.


Wood hoops are available in standard profile and low profile. Standard profile hoops are 1 1/2” in height and allow for a steeper attack angle on the drum, perfect for drummers that like to angle their drums toward them at moderate or steep angles. These hoops are made to the same dimensions the original wood hoops were that made us famous! Low profile hoops are 1 1/4” in height and are much closer to triple flanged and zinc die-cast hoop profiles. This profile was created because many drummers had to adjust to the height of traditional Ayotte wood hoops, now most drummers can switch to wood hoops with ease with this new profile. Low profile wood hoops are standard on all Custom line drums!

Sound & Tone

The tone generated by wood hoops is warm, rich, and organic. Wood hoops have such a unique sound that no other material can even come close to replicating it. Especially popular for Jazz, Funk, R&B, & Blues, wood hoops not only provide a warmer, drier tone on regular strokes, but also a crisper rim click and rim shot perfect for Afro-Cuban and Latin styles.

Bass Drum Hoops

Bass drum hoops have all the same finish options as regular wood hoops (satin, gloss, sparkle, and inlay), but are only available in one profile. Bass drum hoops made for 14” – 18” bass drums are equipped with bass drum risers made completely from horizontally plied maple to ensure an even distribution of forces from both the bass drum pedal and the resulting vibration from a strike. The riser allows the beater of your bass drum pedal to hit closest to the center of the drum allowing for maximized sound by drawing out that distinctive rich, low-end timbre.


All shells used by Ayotte are made from eastern sugar hardened maple. These shells are cross-laminated for enduring strength and formed into perfect cylinders with flawless seems. They are then cut into the exact specifications of the purchaser and painted with a finish to be envious of.
Ayotte wood hoops are made from the same eastern sugar hardened maple that all of our drums are made from, so you know they’re made to last! To add to the structural integrity of all wood hoops, we make sure that all end grains run vertical so as to resist deforming and buckling under pressure.
All batter side hoops have recesses, to ensure that stainless steel claws lay flush, and a 10-degree bevel, to spread out any impact the wood hoop is faced with. That means your sticks and wood hoops last, and you don’t miss a beat! Resonant side hoops are made without recesses so you can place them on the floor during set-up and tear down without fear of damaging your exquisite finish.

About Maple

Eastern sugar hardened maple is the strongest maple and most consistent wood in the world when it comes to density. This is partially due to the severe weather patterns observed in North America, ranging from sub-zero winters to blazing summers. Other commonly used maples come from China, North and South, and cannot be of the same quality due to a more temperate climate. The other reason sugar maple is consistently strong is that when these maple trees are cut and dried, the sugar contained in the sap hardens the wood consistently throughout. This is why we only use this type of maple in all of our handcrafted products.

Bearing Edges

Every maple drum produced by Ayotte carries with it a razor sharp, 45-degree bearing edge that is cut within a maximum tolerance of three one thousandths of an inch based on pre-determined specifications. Due to the consistency and style of our bearing edge, tuning any Ayotte drum is fast and easy while still giving it that distinct Ayotte sound. A.K. snare drums, due to the nature of stainless steel, carry a rounded 45-degree bearing edge. Without rounded edges, drum heads would easily crease causing an inflexibility in tone. However, with them the drum head moves smoothly and naturally, as on wood drums, so tuning as your tastes change is not an issue.

Bedford & Velvets Shells

Bedford and Velvet line shells share the same specifications. Both shells are made from 8-ply sugar hardened maple, for toms and bass drums, and 10-ply for snare drums and go through the same preparation stages for finishing. Where these shells differentiate are the finish stages and number of options available. The Bedford line is available in one configuration and one colour, whereas the Velvet line is available in 9 Colours, many in satin and gloss, and has a wide range of shell sizes, from 10” – 24”. Being a thicker shell, they are well suited for longevity and louder, heavy hitting music styles. They produce a projective, resonant, clear tone. Many of today’s modern working drummers prefer the Velvet line because of the completely solid construction.

Custom Shells

Custom shells are typically made from 6-ply sugar hardened maple shells for toms and bass drums, and 10-ply for snare drums, however, plies can be added up to a maximum of 40. Toms and bass drums are equipped with reinforcement rings for structural integrity & sound and snare drums are available with them. Custom drums go through a more labour intensive process to be created, when compared to Velvet or Bedford shells, in not only the raw manufacturing, but also when being finished. All custom finishes are created to have greater visual depth. Since Custom line shells are thinner, they tend to be darker and fuller in the lower bass frequencies. However, the reinforcement rings add a punch and projection to the sound that accents and balances. These drums are preferred mostly in lighter styles of playing, but have the horsepower to compete in heavier styles and recording, due to the almost naturally equalized tone.

Reinforcement Rings

Reinforcement rings are painstakingly hand cut and sized to the specific shell they are being placed in. Our craftsmen carry out the entire process by hand, the way it should to be done. Reinforcement rings not only allow for greater projection and structural integrity of the drum, but increases the over all tonality. The added thickness of the reinforcement rings boosts high-end tones, while the thinner shell allows for reverberation of low-end timbre, giving it a tone that is clear and naturally equalized.

AYOTTE Serialised Badges

Each AYOTTE drum, no matter which series it comes from, is adorned with a unique badge. The AYOTTE badge not only provides a seal of authenticity, but security by using a serial number unique to every AYOTTE drum produced. When each drum leaves the factory, its serial number is recorded to provide accurate information to confirm the drums authenticity, if it is ever in question. Information recorded with each serial number includes: 1) Series (Bedford, Velvet, Custom) 2) Size (Diameter & Depth) 3) Colour and Finish (Satin, Gloss, Sparkle) 4) Date Produced (When the drum was completed)


All of our drums are fitted with REMO© drumheads. We feel the AMBASSADOR drumhead offers remarkable tone and resonance and brings out the best out of the handcrafted AYOTTE Maple shells.

All of our toms and snares are fitted with a coated Ambassador on the batter side and Clear Ambassador on the resonance side. Bass drums are fitted with Powerstroke3 and coated AMBASSADOR.

Components Hardware

Tune Lock Tension System

The AYOTTE Tune Lock Tension System was created to avoid the nuisance of needing to re-tune your drums several times during a session while concurrently allowing for effortless head changes. Under normal use the system is indestructible and warrantied against manufacturer defects.

Claw Assemblies

A claw assembly is used for any Ayotte drum with wood hoops. Small claw assemblies are used for tom & snare drums, while large claw assemblies are used for bass drums. Included in a small claw assembly is a small stainless steel claw, tension rod (2”, 2 1/4”, 2 1/2”, or 2 3/4”), small claw spacer, tune lock cylinder, and setscrew. Included in a large claw assembly is a large stainless steel claw, tension rod (4”), large claw spacer, tune lock cylinder, and set screw.

Tune Lock Cylinder

The Ayotte tune lock cylinders are the heart of the tune lock system. The tension rod intercepts the cylinder and is kept tightly in place with use of a setscrew. The setscrew, in turn, places enough pressure on a plastic washer, to keep metal-to-metal contact at a minimum and extend the life of your tension rods.

Tension Rods

AYOTTE uses standard sizing on all tension rods and are available in 2”, 2 1/4”, 2 1/2”, 2 3/4”, and 4”.

Tune Lock Gaskets

Ayotte Tune Lock Gaskets are used to properly space claw assemblies and tension rods. They come in large thick, large thin, small thick, and small thin. Thick gaskets are used for any drum using wood hoops, while thin gaskets are used for any steel hoop drum.

Tune Lock Bracket

Tune Locke Brackets are designed with ease of use in mind. They allow you to change heads and replace any necessary parts without having to disassemble the tune lock system in any way, making sure you don’t loose any small parts on those dimly lit stages. They are also designed to evenly distribute weight across the shell while securely anchoring the entire Tune Lock system. The upper portion of the lug is thickest and features two claws to hold the Tune Lock cylinder. This restricts movement of the entire Tune Lock Tension System keeping the tuning consistent. Tune lock brackets are available in either small or large.

Stainless Steel Claw

AYOTTE wood hoops are all but a beautifully crafted and painted 1 1/4” drum, because of this, we feel that only material that is as resilient in finish as its strength could be used to hold them in place. That’s why we use only stainless steel claws on all Ayotte wood hoop drums, small, for tom and snare drums, and large, for bass drums.

Claw Spacer

Ayotte claw spacers are made of a resilient hard plastic designed not to buckle under the intense pressure of tuning and performance. These spacers also help spread any force evenly across the base of our stainless steel claws to help ensure your gear never fails when you need it most. Claw spacers are available in large, for large claws, and small, for small claws.

Rack & Pinion Snare Release Handle

That Rack & Pinion snare release also has a replaceable handle. So, if something happens to the handle, you don’t need to buy the whole system again! Just take off the bolt holding the handle, put a new one on, and replace the bolt, fast and simple!

Stainless Steel Butt End

To match the elegant design and long-lasting performance and functionality of the Rack & Pinion Snare Release, AYOTTE’s butt end is made of stainless steel and positioned over the air vent to ensure that nothing obstructs your drum form breathing properly.

Snare Wire

AYOTTE offers two models of snare wires; a standard 20 strand piano wire or, for a little more snap, 22 strand nickel-plated wire for all 12”, 13”, and 14” snare drums. All wires come with no stretch nylon straps for improved contact with the resonant head. Available in 10”, 12”, 13”, & 14”

Strong Arm Clamp

The AYOTTE Strong Arm Clamp features a ball and socket support system that allows you to position any mounted tom at any angle imaginable. There is also a universal clamp that can be used with any normal cymbal stand, making it very versatile. When two are used in conjunction, the Strong Arm Clamp functions as a double tom mount with no equal in adjustability.

Suspension Bridge

The AYOTTE Suspension Bridge combines elegance and functionality. It is aesthetically pleasing, complimenting existing AYOTTE hardware and drums. This system was designed specifically to make changing heads on the spot easy and efficient without having to remove the drum from its mount when combined with the TB-5 Bracket. The Suspension Bridge can also be used on floor toms to avoid drilling more holes than necessary.

TB-5 Mounting Bracket

The AYOTTE TB-5 Mounting Bracket is used on bass drums to mount bass drum spurs. When used in conjunction with a suspension bridge, the TB-5 can be used to avoid drilling additional holes in 14” - 18” bass drums. To add functionality, the TB-5 can be upgraded with an AYOTTE wing screw, great for quick set-up and tear down.

TB-5 Wing Screw

An optional upgrade to the TB-5 Mounting Bracket, the Ayotte wing screw adds functionality without sacrificing style. The wings of the screw are made in similar fashion to that of our “A” drum key, ergonomic dips to allow for better grip and less force needed to operate.

TB-5 Memory Wedge

To ensure quick set-up anywhere, the TB-5 Mounting Bracket has a Memory Wedge that fits perfectly to the contours of the bracket. This is the perfect blend of functionality and style.

Bass Drum Spurs

Ayotte Bass Drum Spurs are designed to give your low-end a fuller, well-rounded sound. This is accomplished using an adjustable, pointed tip to allow for maximum flex and a curvature in the center for added tolerance. The curved design also allows for an easier tear down, while the memory lock makes set-up a breeze.

Floor Tom Legs

AYOTTE Floor Tom Legs are made from chrome plated steel with knurled sections to allow proper gripping when secured with the TB-5 bracket and large rubber feet to stop movement of the drum during performance.

Steel Hoops

AYOTTE also uses chrome plated triple flanged steel hoops. Each hoop is uniformly 2.3mm thick and creates a bright, rich, crisp, articulate sound. Available in 6”, 8”, 10”, 12”, 13”, 14”, 15”, 16”, & 18”

"A" Drum Key

Similar in design to the TB-5 wing screw, the “A” drum key comes with a key ring.

Turret Tom Mount

Featuring 360 degrees of motion and slide track adjustment system, the Ayotte Bass Drum Turret Mount allows you to position your tom wherever you desire. Sound is not compromised, as oversized openings are not required. The system effortlessly detaches from the release plate for quick and trouble-free teardown.

Wood Hoop Conversion Kit

If you currently have a steel hoop drum or set and want to change it over to wood hoops, it's now very simple with this all in one kit! The wood hoop conversion kit contains complete tune lock assemblies from the tune lock cylinder up and the thicker gaskets for proper alignment. Just replace the thin gaskets currently on your drum with the thick, put on your wood hoops and claw assemblies, and you're good to go! Available for 10 and 8 lug configurations with either small or large gaskets.

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