The ultimate in design, a realization that your imagination created, something so completely unique that its only equal is the sound produced.

When you can realistically create any drum size in any of the infinite configurations and colours, you know your dream sits in that box, marked for you and you alone.

Classic line drums come in plies of 6 with 6-ply reinforcement rings and an option to increase up to 40-plies, using only North American sugar hardened maple. Our inlaid wood hoops are included at no extra charge, as only our custom line drums can truly maximise their benefits of tone and aesthetics. The Tension Tune Lock System ensures the tone, that you painstakingly spend hours perfecting, stays all the way through the most demanding studio sessions and keeps the engineer saying simply, “wow.”

Custom Process

Each Classic set is literally aimed to be your dream out of the box, an embodiment of your personality and taste. This guiding principle is why we are the only drum manufacturer that includes you by having a team sit down with you to discuss, suggest, and create exactly what you want from the ground up.

Classic series options

  • Maple Shell - diameters from 6" - 28" - depths from 4" - 24" - from 6 - 40-ply shell
  • Bearing Edges - 45° Angle standard
  • Reinforcement Rings - standard on toms and bass drums
  • Steel Hoops or Wood Hoops
  • Lugs - in-line or offset chrome lugs


Tune Lock Tension System photo
Inlaid Wood Hoops (included with all custom kits) photo
AYOTTE Spurs (included on all Bass Drums) photo
Bass Drum Riser -(included on 14" - 18" Bass Drums)
Rack & Pinion Snare Release & AYOTTE Snare Wires (included on all snares)
Thin shell great for warm sound and crisp, articulate projection and consistent from low to high volume applications
Full 1 ½ octave tuning range
AYOTTE Badges (provide unique serial numbers)

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