It is often argued that the drum is the first musical instrument known to mankind as the idea of striking an object to generate noise is innate in every human being. The invention of the drum ushered the development of rhythm, art, culture and to an extent, our identity as the human race. The drummer craftsmen at Ayotte have been studying particular characteristics responsible for sound generation since 1982. They have refined the mechanics of drum construction and have invented a number of innovative features along the way.


Wood is organic and therefore is not a uniform matter. Each cut of wood has its own distinctive grains, natural bends, and structural tendencies that must be addressed independently. At Ayotte, every specimen of wood is carefully studied by the discriminating eyes of our Wood Shop craftsmen prior to being nominated for the production process. Once in the shop, detailed and individualistic attention is combined with patience and time-proven experience to accentuate the idiosyncratic features of each wooden specimen. We mass produce nothing, and it shows, as every Ayotte drum is consistently within 3/1000 of an inch from its predetermined specifications.

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Ayotte Custom Drums Corporation is a privately-held company based in Bedford, Canada responsible for the manufacturing, sales, marketing and distribution of Ayotte products worldwide. Since 1982, Ayotte has earned an enviable reputation as a niche manufacturer of the best hand-made percussion instruments in the world. The sole objective of the Ayotte team is to continuously elevate the art, the sound, and the legacy of its products through pioneering R&D, passion and meticulous attention to details.

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